Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Now that I'm awake, sort of, more thoughts on the other coast.

-There are Pain Quotidiens everywhere. In the five minutes I was in/around LA, I counted four, which is nothing. They are almost exactly like the ones in New York, except with a few menu items offering health benefits beyond the usual "organic," i.e. "omega 3" and "detox." Jo insists there's nothing Belgian about the chain, but my mission to overpay for coffee at all locations worldwide remains strong.

-Also Belgium-related: the Getty is filled with room after room of Flemish Primitive (and similar) paintings. After a tragically failed attempt to see such art in Brussels (that wing was closed) then Antwerp (the show was sold out), LA was at last the place. Who knew?

-Forgot to mention this in the last post: When we first arrived at UCLA, there was a news van in front of the guesthouse where we were staying. We later learned that this was because Britney Spears' latest breakdown was at the university's hospital. Even coming from NYU, where celebrity sightings are common enough, this was surreal.

-The stereotype of LA as a New Age mecca is oh so justified. Especially Santa Monica, but the whole place, really, with the possible exceptions of in/around UCLA and Beverly Hills. And how can that many psychics stay in business? They're like LA's version of Duane Reade.

-Fred Segal=Barneys with a better logo. Correct?

-Venice=pre-gentrification St. Marks Place with a better view. Correct?

-Despite the car thing, LA feels very much more like NYC than does Paris. America must mean something, then.

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Audrey. said...

"America must mean something." I very much appreciate this sentiment and the questions/mindset that yield such an answer.

I hope to take my own (ironic?) vacation to LA sometime soon -