Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A return to carbs

Made striped bass tonight. It was better than "sea trout," but not as good as salmon. I want to like fish, but it's just not happening. Sometime, I'll go to a restaurant and see how fish is supposed to be prepared. But back to pasta-pizza-muffins tomorrow.

Sorry, folks, this is as personal as it gets here at WWPD.


Anonymous said...

making me hungry

Tom Strong said...

A couple of suggestions:

Seared tuna - if prepared well, can be as rich and flavorful as steak.

Pecan-encrusted trout - OK, this is pretty high-fat. But so good...Trout and salmon are basically interchangeable.

Finally, anytime you buy fish, make sure it doesn't smell "fishy". That's usually a sign that it's rotting. Fresh fish smells like the sea.