Sunday, October 23, 2005


Just got back from a fantastic day with my roommate Katherine. We saw the Prague show at the Met, which was filled with relics and shiny things; looked at agnes b.; went to the home of my bright-green vegan bag; and ate the absolute best Thai food in the history of the universe. I had no idea pad see ew could be so good, and at I think the exact price as Snail pad see ew, but in a much more chic setting in a far more posh city and area.

Worth noting: at Dean and Deluca before the Met, Katherine pointed out these, um, special muffins. I borrowed a pen and wrote down on a receipt what they were:

Mufflafel: wheat flour, chickpeas, fava beans, zucchini, eggs, soy milk, manchego cheese, canola oil, sugar, spices, sea salt, baking powder.

This is fusion/yuppie food/Westernized Middle Eastern food at its worst. Is it a muffin? A falafel? Why zucchini and cheese? I like muffins and falafel, I like manchego, but even just typing this list of ingredients make me somewhat queasy. No, I did not try it--went instead with a cappuccino, which, while not fantastic, at least did not contain, say, a shot of tehina.

Also worth noting: On Madison in the 80s, Katherine and I both tried on a most gorgeous pair of rain boots. We'd reconciled ourselves to the fact that we were buying the same color and size boots, but at $28, they seemed too good to resist. I figured we should just check about the price before going to the register, and we were informed that they were $125. "You must have been looking at the socks," said the man helping us. Indeed, the socks tucked into the boots as part of the display were $28. With that, we removed the boots, tails between our legs, and headed back to Brooklyn.

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