Sunday, October 09, 2005

Igloo Brooklyn

Kei's blog continues to be a source of information WWPD only wishes it could have come up with. So, I'll do the second-best thing and link to Kei's picture of a dachshund in a special, dachshund-ready glove compartment, which she explains is part of a "concept car by Honda, which features a crate for pets by the dashboard." Kei also calls for more bernese mountain dog, shiba inu, and akita-blogging from me, but lately I've been seeing samoyeds. One giant samoyed and, a few days later, a samoyed puppy. These dogs are so much like polar bears, and my roommate Katherine and I are both big fans. If only there were such a thing as "Igloo Brooklyn," since even the biggest brownstone might not do.

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