Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Fish update

Since my most-commented-on post in a while was on my attempts at becoming a fish person (not in the mermaid sense) I figured I should let everyone know the follow-up:

I bought fish at the farmers' market on Saturday, but had no idea which kind to get, since the options were unfamiliar to me, except for tuna which looked good but a) was expensive and b) would not be an adventurous enough. I was most curious about striped bass, but they were out of the fillets and only had smoked or whole fish. Too confusing. So I pointed to the various fish fillets available and asked the man working at the stand which were which and ended up going with sea trout. I'd never heard of it, but it looked harmless enough. My roommates and I do not yet have a working oven, so I cooked it on the stovetop with lemon, olive oil, salt, and pepper. As it cooked, it began to remind me of fish from the Pierce dining hall, just sort of thin and limp. I had this sudden image of the dining hall and all of a sudden the fish looked really unappealing. But it ended up tasting decent, I suppose. Next stop: striped bass. For real. It just looks so neat.

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Tortilla Gurl said...

You should really post your receipts - or at least give us a hint...I've just given up meat about 3 weeks ago and am dying for new receipes that people have actually made and that I could exchange tips with -

It's pretty exciting that you went to the framer's market to buy your fish - I see the fish guy by my house all the time, but could never get myself to buy anything...