Thursday, June 19, 2014

My raw facialist says hi

-Must find this book.

-I have combed the internet and found the best blog-comment of all time: "I like the idea of making yourself get dressed every morning and putting on makeup." It's in response to some (very sensible, if tough to follow) advice on working from home, but it has a certain out-of-context hilarity.

-ITG never ceases to amaze. It turns out there's such a thing as a "raw facialist." As someone who's in more of the 'should I get this spider bite confirmed by a dermatologist or just let it be?' persuasion, I don't think I'm the audience for it, but I'm also not entirely sure what it is. I'm not sure what it means (in the G-rated sense) when someone says they've gotten a facial, either. Are they normally cooked?

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caryatis said...

Oh, you need some quotes here:

"You should ideally be able to eat whatever you’re putting on your skin.."

Like soap? And I love this anecdote:

"My friend went to see her about all this bruising after a scooter accident and Monica just massaged her and did some drainage and all of her bruises went away."

I assume if you don't get proper "drainage" from some uncredentialed hippie, bruises just stay forever.