Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fabulous small purchases*

-A mouse for my "broken computer" which was really just a reasonably-functional if aging computer with a broken trackpad. $15 rather than $1,000 or whatever a computer is these days. Thanks to commenter FarFromBreton for pointing me to Staples, which had been right there all the time.

-A $20 Uniqlo dress (now possibly cheaper still) that solves the easy-to-wear formal-ish dress conundrum.

-One Montreal-style cinnamon-raisin bagel in Philadelphia - the owner (?) threw in a sesame as well. At $2 a bagel this was not the deal of the century, but I did enjoy both bagels and am thus not complaining.

*Apologies to Joseph Epstein.


fourtinefork said...

That Uniqlo dress is perfect: I own THREE of them. Yes, three. (I've gotten in the habit of buying multiples of things I really like when I can afford it. I like clothes but I'm also lazy, so a quasi-uniform is what I want.)

They were $19, full price, and over the course of a week I went back and kept buying them because it is the perfect dress. Cheap. Black. Flattering. Works with a blazer for daytime. Dresses up with jewelry and shoes. Looks great with NARS Terre de Feu lipstick!

Phoebe said...

Right? It's the perfect dress, and cost the same as a t-shirt.