Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fabulous small purchases*

-A mouse for my "broken computer" which was really just a reasonably-functional if aging computer with a broken trackpad. $15 rather than $1,000 or whatever a computer is these days. Thanks to commenter FarFromBreton for pointing me to Staples, which had been right there all the time.

-A $20 Uniqlo dress (now possibly cheaper still) that solves the easy-to-wear formal-ish dress conundrum.

-One Montreal-style cinnamon-raisin bagel in Philadelphia - the owner (?) threw in a sesame as well. At $2 a bagel this was not the deal of the century, but I did enjoy both bagels and am thus not complaining.

*Apologies to Joseph Epstein.


fourtinefork said...

That Uniqlo dress is perfect: I own THREE of them. Yes, three. (I've gotten in the habit of buying multiples of things I really like when I can afford it. I like clothes but I'm also lazy, so a quasi-uniform is what I want.)

They were $19, full price, and over the course of a week I went back and kept buying them because it is the perfect dress. Cheap. Black. Flattering. Works with a blazer for daytime. Dresses up with jewelry and shoes. Looks great with NARS Terre de Feu lipstick!

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

Right? It's the perfect dress, and cost the same as a t-shirt.