Thursday, June 12, 2014

Baby animals vs. croissants

As it happens, three friends of mine are currently visiting Paris. Three that I can think of offhand - Facebook could probably alert me to more (French grad school will do that), and I'm not counting those who live there. I'm what would be called, on "The Only Way Is Essex," jeal. (David Lebovitz, you're not helping.)

But whatever, it's fine! There are good things about where I am, too! For instance, this Bisou-sized fawn.


Matt said...

I don't expect you'll have this temptation, but just in case:

Phoebe said...

I'll admit that when I first saw a curled-up fawn (a couple years ago), I thought it might be unwell, but I was thinking more animal control than bringing it inside. Something about having a dog that barks at the wildlife makes bringing in the wildlife not seem like a way to "rescue" it. (I did once bring in a temporarily lost lap dog, but that my dog could deal with.)