Sunday, June 15, 2014

In search of fries and mouse

-Mick Jagger's new lady is younger than I am. Eep.

-Shake Shack got rid of the crinkle-cut pre-frozen fries that were the reason I went to Shake Shack for my occasional fast-food needs, and replaced them with something vile that looks like high-end-restaurant fries but tastes like cold raw potatoes, or did today in Philadelphia. Why???

-For future reference: if you have a practical question about something really mundane, even if you happen to be a heterosexual woman sitting with your husband, even if your celebrity crushes are all dark-haired men from the 1990s who aren't what they once were but then again who is, don't go up to a modelesque blond woman in a coffee shop. I saw this woman using a wireless mouse with her laptop, and as I happen to be in the market for just that item (I haven't been able to click on anything properly for weeks), I thought I'd ask her where she got hers, seeing as she was using it with a computer similar to my own, and the search I'd done thus far led me to mice (?) too close in price to a new computer. But her response was a kind of like, why is someone talking to me in a coffee shop again, which, upon seeing what she looked like (I'd noticed her mouse!), I don't find hard to believe. Even the not-so-modelesque have this experience in coffee shops - I can only imagine. So what I learned was that she got her mouse "online." The search continues.


FarFromBreton said...

I have a little Logitech M325 wireless mouse. I got it for $20 at Staples. (My computer has a mediocre trackpad and I do occasional graphic design work that needs more precision than a trackpad can offer.) So far, I like it a lot--it doesn't track well on very slick surfaces, but does fine on pretty much everything else. The only issue I've had so far is that sometimes I have to pop the battery out and in to get it to turn on. (Not sure if the battery is just a little loose or if there's a bigger problem with it. If I weren't lazy, I'd try taping it in place.)

Phoebe said...

Much appreciated! A trip to the local Staples is in order then.

Londoner said...

When blonde, modelesque, techno-forward women refuse. :-)