Thursday, September 05, 2013

Questions of the day

-Is anti-stuff-ism a) privilege, b) depression, or c) a sign that you're a wonderful human being? Nobody knows, but what I do know is, I don't seem to suffer from it. My new shirt from Uniqlo arrived, and is fabulous. That plus the 1990s dark lipstick and not only is my "wanty list" (temporarily) satisfied, but I get to look like Carrie Brownstein.

-Is it really so strange to have dark hair and light skin? (Carrie Brownstein does!) Today my coloring was remarked upon for the nth time, and I can't figure this out. Is it just that most people with this combination darken their skin (tanning, bronzer), lighten their hair, or both?

-Is it possible for the same person to have both a resume and a CV, without grad school plus freelance writing coming across as 'has spent too much time in coffee shops' in the former?

1 comment:

fourtinefork said...

You bought Terre de Feu! Whoo hoo!

(Sorry. Considering I only know you through your blog, I shouldn't be excited that, in effect, a stranger has purchased that lipstick, as many strangers purchase that lipstick all the time. ANYWAY.)

Not to send you down a slippery slope, but I've been enjoying layering Terre de Feu with Red Square lately...