Thursday, October 04, 2012

WWPD Guides: Beauty tips for the inept

Recently, I found that I'd developed the skin of, shall we say, a middle-school student. This is an area I'd been lucky in, for the most part, so I was a bit taken aback. Zits, now, at less than a year away from the big 3-0? On my nose, next to my nose, etc. I want to leave some mystery, so let's say you know what a face looks like, and they were in many locations. What could it be? Stress from the slow march towards the (gulp) job market? The ten-trillion-step commute? 

And then I stopped to look at the neat new body-wash I'd been using, purchased at the supermarket in Heidelberg because it came in cool packaging and smelled nice, but also because I was under the possibly mistaken impression that it's sold at Whole Foods for much more. (What's almost as good as buying something not available at home? Things like this, which give you the illusion of somehow making up for the cost of getting abroad in the first place.) Anyway, so the second ingredient in this soap-ish product is sesame oil. Like what I put on stir-fry. I had, for a few weeks, been rubbing sesame oil onto my face, and instead of soap, at that. And, although I first noticed this on the German ingredients, I soon saw that right below it were the English-language ingredients. There, in English, were the words "sesame" and "oil." 

Miracle of skin-care miracles, I stopped washing my face with sesame oil, and problem solved.


kei said...

I know olive oil is supposed to be okay for your skin. Never heard of sesame oil!

I wish I had an easier time with the trial and error process of figuring out which ingredient upsets my skin. I might just think of so many factors that my thought process hinders me.

Phoebe said...

I kind of think any oil is a problem if you're someone with the potential to break out. I attribute my own relative luck in this area to having never gotten into anything like facial moisturizer or foundation. I find that anything I do put on (sunscreen, say) guarantees problems, but that the trick to good skin isn't so much using a special product as using none at all.

As in, I'm sure there are some people who benefit from whichever oil, and they may sort out among themselves which oil is best, but I just got the 365 brand fragrance-free whatever, and that seems, for me, more the ticket.

David Schraub said...

[T]he trick to good skin isn't so much using a special product as using none at all.

Sounds effortless!

Phoebe said...


But in all fairness, this did involve effort, namely reading the label.

And in all seriousness, I more than make up for this with my effort-full hair. Not necessarily time-consuming, but using whichever shampoo a hotel happens to stock, say, isn't an option.