Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Report from the woods

Mooching, legitimately, off some Ivy wireless. Still none of that at home, although it turns out I miss hot water much more. For the obvious ugh-cold-showers reason, but for the obvious-in-retrospect one that the kettle-and-torch method of doing dishes isn't so effective. 

Not that there's all that much cooking going on. No electricity meant no sentimentality about near-full containers of jam, not-yet-finished ricotta, if-the-milk-is-still-cool-and-doesn't-yet-smell-is-it-OK-to-drink-the-answer-is-no. Pasta arrabbiata. Oatmeal. Rinse (in cold water, in cold apartment), repeat. There will be chickpeas, quinoa. There have been almonds, raisins. It's all so very vegan. I even had this brilliant plan to have individual-size boxes of soy milk, which would be cool enough in our kitchen and inoffensive enough to moisten cereal, but the rest of Central NJ thought of this first, so never mind.

One of the main streets outta here, yesterday morning.

It could, of course, be much worse. Thankfully no personal tragedies, and as far as I know none of the many giant fallen trees I've seen had hit anyone, or even anyone's home/car. Scary, but so far so good. Chris "don't be stupid" Christie is apparently staying down the street, watching over us in his informatively-embroidered fleece.

The snow-dayisshness has kind of worn off, though. Woohoo, no NJ Transit commute has quickly morphed into, how on earth will my students ever learn the imparfait... before their test, now I'm thinking, before they move on to Intermediate... knowing full well this will be the least of the university's problems. 

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