Wednesday, October 03, 2012

New York City, 2012

-A missing-person sign up in and around Penn Station indicates that the young man "is not wearing a yarmulke."

-One Facebook friend has a post complaining about being asked to work unpaid. Another has a posting that her employer is looking for unpaid interns, for college credit or recent grads willing to work for nothing.

-Squeamishness regained: I made the rookie mistake (it's like I didn't grow up here!) of getting lunch on St. Marks Place. In the manner of, "Fool me once...", if you see one shall-not-be-mentioned crawling around, you may forgive and think it must have crawled in from outside. But when two are charging at your plate of vegetarian (ha!) stir-fry, you will throw out what remains of the food and leave.

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