Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The tristate area

Cropped for emphasis. The "are you Jewish" set were way off their game that day, going right past me twice and asking the question instead of baffled European and/or Latin American tourists. 

On the Upper East Side, handbags are babies. I think that's the message this window display wants us to come away with.

Meanwhile in Pennsylvania... Idiot that I am, I saw this billboard and thought, yay Obama! The small-when-you're-driving-by-it print suggests that is not the intended message.

Meanwhile, back in New Jersey, there's nothing silly happening whatsoever. No poodle fresh from the groomers', no Halloween-themed bandana. This is entirely in your imagination.


Britta said...

My sister gets harassed non-stop in Brooklyn by the "are you Jewish?" people, whereas my best friend, who is and looks Jewish, also never got asked that when she lived Brooklyn. Maybe they're just trying to suss out the marginal cases? My sister does have somewhat chameleon looks though, which make people think she's wherever they are from.

Phoebe said...

I think it's that people who are Jewish know what's coming and, without even thinking about it, quicken our pace when this is imminent, esp. if we are in fact rushing to get somewhere. This semester my bible, so to speak, is the NJ Transit schedule, so apart from my interest in Hasidism or lack thereof, I keep on moving.

Anonymous said...

Bisou looks great. And ready for "trick or treat." JM