Monday, April 25, 2011

Quote of the day

"I'm assuming that at least until your blog goes viral, your mother makes up the bulk of your readers." -Prudie.

(The quote, for what it's worth, is probably funnier if you don't have the context, and if you interpret "mother" to mean immediate family and Google-happy exes more generally - no blogger in his right mind should expect readers beyond that, let alone assume those folks are not reading, however pseudonymous you think you are. Thus an advantage of just launching into it with your real name, so as not to be under any illusions that a blog is your little secret. Meanwhile, who/what is the "female divine"? Is this generally known?)

1 comment:

Sigivald said...

Re. "female divine", I think that's just hippie crap for "God as woman".

Goddess and all that.

(Just thinking about it is tiresome as tiresome can be, in fact.)