Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bichons? Aisle 4.

Sometimes the whole dorm-and-microfiche part of my time in Paris overshadows the beautiful-weather-and-pastry one. Today has been very much one of these days. And the microfiches were super interesting! And useful for the dissertation! But reading 300 pages of novel in that format, all at once, while taking notes, brought back the headache, as one might expect. And there's only so much reading about French anti-Semitism - even when the anti-Semites are fictional characters, albeit ones with whom the author sympathizes - a person of the Jewish persuasion can take before becoming oh just a little bit less rah-rah Frahnce.

The rah-rah returned, however, at a supermarket near the library.

In NY, there are dogs in strollers, in handbags. But this precise combination of scruffy lap-dog and shopping basket... this is what makes Paris great, the famous off-the-beaten-path, non-tourist Paris one hears so much about. And yes, I had the owner's permission to take the photo. Whether she had the supermarket's permission for this set-up is another matter.

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