Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Life of a princess

-I had a little chit-chat with the janitor assigned to my floor, and he agreed to put soap in the container in the bathroom! All you have to do is ask, I thought, patting myself on the back metaphorically... just as he told me that he was happy to provide us with soap, but that it was broken. The soap dispenser, I thought. No, the sink. No water. What with the lack of soap, I had not been trying this sink - an option now that I once again have a room with a working one - so this was news to me. There is now, however, a whole lot of soap in the communal container. One step at a time...

-Who'd have thunk? The Alliance Israélite library is located in Paris's "Bobo Heaven." Somehow I've managed to spend heaps of time there without ever noticing anything bobo or heavenly about the area. OK, there was this one lemon tart that qualifies as the latter.

-So many daughters of Jewish bankers, so very many penniless aristocrats, so little time.

-And, uh, sheesh!

-Why is this so can't-look-away? This installment especially. Part of me is proud of spending far less time and money on a beauty routine that's far more visible (aka black eyeliner, pink or "nude" lipstick, concealer; the last of those is at least meant not to show), but another small, nagging bit is wondering whether maybe The Glamorous Woman spends a ton on creams and potions that do not produce a made-up look, just an all-around enviable lifestyle. I did succumb to curiosity and get La Roche-Posay waterproof eye makeup remover (and whoa, no more dry eyelids!), as well as "Effaclar" frite-induced-acne-fighting face-wash by the same brand, and I spent last weekend in a chateau, not a dorm. Related? Who can say?

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