Saturday, April 02, 2011

Movin' on up

Dorm life is much improved in the used-to-be-moldy room. With a bed - finally! - without protruding coils, I slept as well as a college freshman home for Thanksgiving break. Which is to say, I missed half of a beautiful spring Saturday in Paris, but am now awake as I hadn't been for ages, and will presumably not do things like send out important emails that could be construed as a joke... on April 1. And now I'm next to the laundry and (incredibly moldy but otherwise superior) showers, no further from the kitchen. If I'd had this room all along (in the demoldified state, that is), I'd have a totally different impression of the dorm. Pays to complain.

Not only can I now do such remarkable things in my room as read and brush my teeth, but once outside of the room, I can focus on the best Paris has to offer:

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PG said...

Since you are more informed on the nexus of France and dogs than anyone else I know, I thought I'd ask: what's with the dog on French "Wheel of Fortune"? (Just discovered this phenomenon while flipping channels in Marrakech -- the only channel in English is CNN, and French is still more accessible to me than Arabic is.)