Sunday, September 07, 2008

Meet the blogger

I think this picture is the most coastal-elite one ever taken, of me if not of anyone. The intention was to look silly; I only noticed the political connotations upon uploading it.

Note the following:

-Non-blond, non-feathered hair.
-Black clothes.
-What looks like a black turtleneck (it's a dress, but knowing that takes away from its Sartre-esque quality).
-Small, ceramic coffee cup, rather than 40-ounce Coke.
-No tattoo of my significant other's name on any of my fingers! Clearly I have not made a proper commitment.
-In the background, you'll see a car and a shop; the café is inferred. I'm in what appears to be a densely-populated area.
-More on the background: indeed, as the damn-ferner-language sign indicates, the picture was taken in Europe.


Petey said...

The irony, of course, is that Belgium is Europe's Indiana.

You may be a coastal elite in that photo from the US viewpoint, but from a more cosmopolitan viewpoint, it's the equivalent of drinking a Coke in a McDonald's in Elkhart.

Phoebe said...

And yet this picture was not taken in Belgium.

But that said, I've been to Belgium and to Elkhart, Indiana, and am not seeing the connection.

Withywindle said...

Clearly a Rorschach {sp?] test of a photo ... the caption I imagine is "Hurry up and take that picture, or you don't want to know where this coffee is ending up!" Alternately: "You think I'm looking at you, but I have my eye on that dachsund on the street behind you."

Speaking of which, are dachsunds coastal elites?

Petey said...

"And yet this picture was not taken in Belgium."

My lack of language skills is always a problem. All I can tell is that it's somewhere to the East of Paris and to the North of Rome.