Monday, September 29, 2008

From the dept. of Still Here

Various duties--grading exams, doing laundry, figuring out what sort of Francophilic Zionism might be my dissertation--have gotten in the way of bloggery. I suppose I've been busy, since I was also surprised to learn that the economy's in bad shape, and that some Alaskan woman who looks like Tina Fey (note: I've also been told I look like Tina Fey--I took it to mean, 'You're a pale-skinned brunette, and so you don't look like any other famous person.') is going to be queen in a few months time. OK, not the latter, but the upsetting thing about having so much to do is that I haven't been able to follow the Palinmania. For instance, did Bristol ever marry Cohen, or was it Levi, he of the Old Testament name and willingness to break with Christian morals? There are Major Questions of our Age I've not had time to address. The world surely suffers.

Still, I did make time to read (well, skim) an article that is asking me, pleading with me, to take a look. It's New York Magazine addressing 'the New York Jew,' and it name-drops the high school I went to, the ones my parents went to, Philip Roth, 'Seinfeld,' and just about every possible word, phrase, or expression that will get, oh, anyone who already checks to click and see what follows. Look, this is about you, Jew! The magazine also has an interview with Woody Allen, who addresses assimilation, Yale, and other 'look, look' topics. Happy New Year, y'all.

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Glenn said...

Ever consider for your dissertation the jewish graphic novels of L'association? In particular, of Joann Sfar?