Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hey there Lower East Siders

Looks like someone's told all the exurban moms nationwide about one of your hot-spots.


Petey said...

I still hate Martha Stewart for mentioning Luzzo's on her show, which meant the prices there shot up 3 months later.

The woman should be sent back to jail on the basis of that alone.

Jeffrey said...

2 questions.

1) All the Gawker and New York reading, and you haven't heard of PDT? Come now, Phoebe. It's not a speakeasy when you can get the info from Time Out.

2) Where does the LES begin? Most people say Houston now, and think that St. Mark's is unambiguously East Village, but I'm curious to hear what you, as someone who has live in NY for longer than 4 years, thinks.

Phoebe said...

1) I don't really pay attention to speakeasy-secret bar-hip new bar news. Why not? I'm a grad student (i.e. can't buy fancy cocktails). That's part of it. Another part is that while my high school experience was not quite what one sees on the 'New CW,' I did get to see the interior of such establishments enough when I was younger that now, at 25, that is, at the age such places ostensibly target, I'm not all that curious.

But I tend to think, prices aside, that the whole secret bar-secret restaurant trend is pretty silly. You already need to be 'in the know' to go to any party, that's how social life works. Why is it somehow extra cool to go to a party that's both exclusive and requiring payment for entry? What does it mean for there to be a speakeasy when alcohol is legal? In a city where one sees celebrities as well as European tourists everywhere from Midtown to Park Slope, I'm not sure what the exclusive places have that the open-to-alls do not.

2) Today the LES begins at Houston. It used to be a term used to describe everything south of Stuyvesant Town, give or take. The post title was a reference to the start of a very exclusive teen soap called 'Gossip Girl,' not a precise reference to the location of St. Marks Place.