Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"Why can't I live my life with out all of the things that people say"-B.S.

Paris Hilton just told Larry King that not only does she not have a drug problem, but she has never taken drugs. Which might be the answer? The quotes will both have to remain anonymous, because not everyone might want to admit to having joined me for this discussion:

a) A "loose definition of drugs."
b) She took so many that she forgot.
c) She is actually a robot.
d) Anything's possible.
e) "Maybe she really thinks it's sugar."

Vote in the comments, if you wish.


Clémentine said...

A !
this sounds like an IFS comment. don't we all need to constantly redefine

Rachel said...

"And by drugs I mean I have never have partaken of heroin, at least in liquid form."