Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Textual analysis and automatic pistols!

I just got an email telling me that for a mere $899 I could go to Israel to "finish an army training course, complete fun outdoor activities, meet inspiring leaders and somewhere in between an archeological dig and sailing on the Sea of Galilee, you’ll find the way to donate $10,000 to an Israeli charity! Be prepared to get a first hand experience inside Israel, tangle yourself in Jewish textual analysis, and of course, train with automatic pistols!"

I took a class in the fall called "Textual Analysis," which involved many an explication de texte, and which was just fine without automatic pistols, thanks. Somehow I think I'll pass on this particular Israel adventure and save up instead for another trip to Tel Aviv, for more blended iced coffee, and maybe a pair of those amazing Israeli platform shoes.

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