Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Alert the factcheckers!

TNR film critic Stanley Kauffmann refers to a Belgian movie as French. See the second of the three reviews, then the last sentence. A more devastating conflation (to both the French and the Belgians, in all likelihood) is unimaginable.


Scott Lemieux said...

I think it's a Belgian/French co-production, so he was right both times! (I actually saw that movie...)

Phoebe said...

Was it any good?

Scott Lemieux said...

It was interesting. It was certainly absorbing, and Huppert is always fantastic these days (I really liked that little-seen Conrad adaptation from last year.) The biggest problem was that the son who was giving her consistent grief was a little too one-dimensional; it made the dynamic between the characters a little implausible. Especially since the same actor played an antihero in L"enfant last year that was antiheroic in more varied and interesting ways, you really notice. The climactic scene was directed very beatifully, though.