Tuesday, February 06, 2007


1) Finish presentation on the nation--the concept, not the left-wing magazine. Part of this involves finding a passage I found and then lost track of in this book by Suzanne Citron, which compares the way French history was taught in French schools through the 1980s to "Gruyere." To haphazardly quote "Fawlty Towers":

Basil: (on women). They have minds like Swiss cheese.
Major: What, you mean hard?
Basil: No, full of holes.

You'd better believe there will be a picture of cheese on the handout my partner and I give to our class.

2) Read the many books from Bobst on subjects French and Zionistic currently on my bookshelf, first the ones recommended by profs, then the ones I picked up because they happened to be next to those ones and also looked interesting.

3) Sleep, for about 15 hours straight.

4) Language acquisition: Hebrew, Dutch, German, Yiddish.

5) Change the way my brain works entirely and become both interested in and successful at, say, banking. Then buy a lot of shoes.

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