Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mad scientist!

Or space cadet. Or whatever you want to call it--this story is amazing:

The police in Orlando, Fla., filed attempted murder charges today against Capt. Lisa Marie Nowak, a NASA astronaut who the authorities say attacked a rival for another astronaut’s affection at Orlando International Airport on Monday after driving more than 900 miles from Houston to meet her flight....Captain Nowak, 43, was wearing a trench coat and wig when she was arrested early Monday morning. She told the police she had worn diapers on the journey so that she would not have to stop to use the restroom so she could arrive in time to meet Captain Shipman’s flight at the airport.

I know they say all the drama's in academia, but no one in my department ever does anything nearly so ridiculous.

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Vance Maverick said...

Usually journalists scatter the factlets randomly through the narrative -- you never know when they'll choose to mention someone's age or residence. Here, though, I salute the apt conjunction of Nowak's respectable rank and age with her trench coat and wig.