Wednesday, February 14, 2007

How, what, and why

How do you walk a dachshund when there's this much snow? I was wondering, and so was especially alert to dachshund-owners on the street today. First, I saw two smooth-coat animals, in coats, walking through the snow as if they were huskies. Then I saw a longhaired one, getting carried up University Place by a careful owner. So which is it?

What is acceptable to eat during class? I was self-conscious about an especially crumbly muffin this morning, but determined that the class being at 8:30 am means breakfast, within reason, should be fine. Then in an afternoon class, a girl took out a large tupperware full of pasta and just dug in. Just as George Costanza would drape himself in velvet if it were socially acceptable, I would eat large amounts of pasta continuously if it weren't frowned upon. At the same time, it's a bit disgusting when people eat certain things during class, and depending on the sauce, pasta can be one of those things. So where should the line be drawn? Just coffee? Not even coffee? Argh!


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Rachel said...

I was taught that a snack (box of raisins, granola bar, fruit that is not loud to eat or messy, a croissant) is the only acceptable food that can be eaten outside of the dining room. Anything requiring utensils demands sitting at a table (or bar in a restaurant).
What I cannot figure out is whether I should bring the soup spoon to me or I should bring my mouth to the raised soup spoon.
Sometimes I avoid soup in public because of this issue.