Thursday, December 28, 2006

Pauvres chiens de race!

Masafumi Yamamoto for The New York Times

Poor dachshunds! It's horrible that the fabulous little dogs of Japan are so inbred that they are often enough "genetically defective sister and brother puppies born with missing paws or faces lacking eyes and a nose." This is a news story that requires a response from the blogosphere's expert in all things Japanese and dachshund-related.


Anonymous said...

Hot dog!

Sorry...I couldn't resist.

hanging head in shame

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the delay, I was actually in Japan experiencing some dachshunds! Please see Facebook album (parts 2 and 3) for Sakura and the new hot dog, Marron.

I did see more sandy, light dachs like Sakura, so I suspect that its a popular color and is being produced, though not sure about the inbred thing. Marron acted like she was inbred, but I suspect that's more due to the fact that 1) she's still a puppy and 2) she's fighting for attention with two other females, Sakura and Erika (my 2 year old cousin). My aunt and uncle say Marron was cuter before, and Mordecai agreed, but I didn't see whatever they were all talking about. I'll report back as she gets older!