Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Word to the wise

Do not be lured by the name: "Yummy Shawarmy," the new place on 7th and Bleecker, is anything but. In both senses. Given that the "shwarma" was bits of just-warmer-than-cold, greasy, tasteless chicken, there's no way it could have been at all "yummy." This was my first time having shwarma, but my two shwarma-experienced dining companions (if this can be called dining) assured me that that's not at all how it's supposed to taste. I ate very little of the chicken part of the sandwich, so I'll still be around tomorrow most likely. And the follow-up consumption of almost an entire beer, a Magnolia cupcake, and a salad have somewhat dulled the memory of this most disgusting of filled pitas.


Anonymous said...

You are pretty dumb to fall for a place that labels itself as "Yummy Shawarmy."

Morrissey said...

I just had a yummy shawarmy today. The place looked clean but a bit pricier than mahmoods. I had the chicken shawarma with the whole wheat pita bread and it was pretty damn good. Quite frankly, I still need to experience more Mediterranean cuisine to make a fairer judgement