Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A serious post about the Middle East

Well done, IDF! And thanks, Haaretz, for Limor Edrey's most attractive journalistic photography. Seth of the blog Judenstadt wrote, of the emotionally-charged yet joyous new soldier induction ceremony, "If you were ever considering joining the Israeli army before, then going to this will certainly push you over the brink." I would say that sentence applies here as well, but for a totally different reason.


Seth said...


Phoebe said...

"Yesh" as in, there are some? Or does "yesh" have another meaning? If "yesh" as in there are some, aifo?

Seth said...

Yesh, as you said means "there is/are."

However, if you ever walk by a kiosk in Israel with a TV outside and see lots of Israeli teenage boys sitting in plastic chairs watching a soccer game, you will notice multiple screams of "Yesh!!" everytime Maccabi scores a goal or steals the ball back. It's the same as when Americans say "yes!" when they get an answer right in class or hear that their ex-best friend got screwed over. And most likely, Israelis say "yesh" because they heard us say "yes." Although, I think yesh makes a little more sense.