Friday, May 19, 2006

Back to the all-pasta diet

I'm not a hundred percent sure it was the shwarma, but two out of the three of us who ate at Yummy Shawarmy on Tuesday are not feeling so hot this week. Possibly three out of three, but I'd have to check. It may also have been oddly fishy-smelling fish from the Union Square Whole Foods. Another word to the wise: covering bad fish with zatar only means that you eat more of the bad fish because zatar makes absolutely everything taste wonderful. It's the MSG of the Middle East.

In other, equally politically-irrelevant news, I learned via the Gawker Stalker that today I was a few hours and a couple blocks away from a sighting of "Designing Women" cast member Jean Smart, aka "Charlene." Charlene, as if you don't already know, was the one from the Ozarks whose family was poor and backwards but gosh darn it such nice people, and was thus the butt of many a snobbish joke made by Delta Burke, aka "Suzanne Sugarbaker." Poplar Bluff. That was the town in the Ozarks. But who was Suzanne to talk--she had a pet pig!

In other news, bad meat products can, apparently, fry a person's brain, causing retention of only the most useless of all possible memories. (I'm just a bad burger away from remembering that Julia Sugarbaker was always my least favorite, so self-righteous and not nearly as classy as the show's creators want you to believe.)

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