Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Human Blah

No way Anthony Hopkins is black. And Nicole Kidman as a janitor? Not buying it. And how did Coleman Silk end up Jewish, not just white? Shouldn't that be explained? And what about Professor Roux, the woman out to get the protagonist, wasn't there all sorts of intrigue there? And finally, Gary Sinise, young, robust, jogging up a storm, is Nathan Zuckerman in the late 1990s? No, no no.

Of course, a Philip Roth movie in which the viewer is forced to suspend disbelief and agree that a Nicole Kidman and an Anthony Hopkins make a fine couple indeed does, once and for all, establish the Woody Allen-Philip Roth connection that lies at the center of the known universe.

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Petey said...

It's not a bad movie if you pretend you don't know who Philip Roth is.

And if you do know who Roth is, some review I read correctly mentioned that the Sinise character should've been played by Richard Benjamin.