Friday, February 10, 2006

In honor of the Sabbath:

1) There was an ad just now on the subway for Shabbat. As in, a subway ad, rather than for Kaplan prep-courses or to learn how to be an air-conditioner repairman, to celebrate the Jewish Sabbath. My favorite subway ads, though, are the ones just put up by random people, typically postcards, in Spanish and English, offering an easy way to gain or lose some massive amount of weight, but sometimes for far more specific things, such as urging riders to go to some far-out part of Brooklyn for a party. I'd almost be tempted to go to a party that had been flyered for on the subway, but then again...

2) Someone reached this blog searching (no-quotes) for "why do jewish women coax everyone to eat." Why indeed. I'm assuming Jewish women in the fashion industry are exempt, as are those living on the Upper East Side, but web searches can only be so specific.

3) There is apparently such a thing as inter-Yeshiva floor hockey. Evidence that Stuyvesant is not, in fact, the least like a "normal" high school of any school around.


Anonymous said...

In response to your article in the November Issue of the Gotham Gazette, you should know that there's no ideology requirement for membership in the Park Slope Food Co-op. I can assure you I've done my fair share of work shifts next to many a black Republican lesbian. And alas while there'll be no illegal immigrants bagging your groceries for you, one may ask you to step aside if you make a habit of standing in front of the tomatillos in the fresh produce aisle. Now, if you want to address what's truly wrong with the Co-op, I'd recommend that you go after the Co-op Nazis. How's that for politically incorrect membership?

Anonymous said...

A black Republican lesbian in the Park Slope Co-op? I guess that was Condi Rice working with me after all!