Thursday, February 16, 2006

I was happy for an hour this evening

Tonight was my first-ever UChicago young alumni happy hour. Not the first of the year, but the first I actually remembered in time to go. While I was very tempted to just go to Noodles on 28 (just the random noodle place I passed on the way to the thing), I made it through a couple hours of schmoozing before diving into enough stirfry for tonight's ample dinner and tomorrow's ample (if cold/greasy) lunch. I brought with me two non-UChicago alums (from Stanford--what is this slumming I do on the weekends...) which caused a bit of a stir, but nothing of Courtney Love-esque proportions. I had two whole beers, which meant that I spoke to people I had not met previously, but again, nothing of Courtney Love-esque proportions. As usual, I managed to find the only non-bankers (the grad student/non-profit-worker huddle) in a large crowd of people who are presumably bankers. And then Masha (the remaining non-UChicagoan) kindly accompanied me to the aforementioned noodleteria, and watched me eat a surprisingly old-time-hot-and-sour-sauce-coated platter of tofu-broccoli. A good time was had by all, except for the poor soybeans whose lives were needlessly cut short to make way for my dinner.


Anonymous said...

Hrm. I'm not quite sure how to take that. But okay.
The Grad Student.

Phoebe said...

Take it well!

Julie said...

Wow Phoebe, this is the first time I have checked your blog in a while and I find out you were at the alumni thing too! How did I miss you?


Anonymous said...

"We should just admit the obvious. The student body at the University of Chicago is ugly. And it’s only getting worse--I’m graduating in the spring.

Our motto should be “The University of Chicago-The School That Beauty Forgot.” Think of the possibilities. The admissions office could sell this school as the perfect place for every ugly nerd across the country. I can only imagine the new theme for the admissions viewbook-“Are you the Ugly Duckling who never blossomed? Do small children clutch at their mother’s legs in terror when you draw near? Do your friends make you wear a mask in order to hang out with them? Was your nickname ‘The Hunchback of AP Calc?’ WE HAVE THE SCHOOL FOR YOU!! Come hang out with every other ugly nerd around the country!! You may be ugly, but so are we!!”"

Anonymous said...

we were going to go but then forgot and then we saw the neil young movie. a shame though since you were there!