Saturday, June 25, 2005

No safe haven after all

A man allegedly raped a woman in Chelsea. Chelsea! Women tend to feel extremely safe there, what with it being a neighborhood of buff gay men in wifebeaters rather than one of... actual wifebeaters. Super creepy. The answer might be to stay home or stay uptown, but apparently a (different?) rapist is on the prowl uptown, crawling through windows. Yikes!


Petey said...

It's just the law of really big numbers. Put 2 million people together on a small island and odd things are bound to happen to a few of them.

About 10 pedestrians are killed each year in Manhattan by being hit by bicycles. But it's still safe to walk the streets without listening first for the ominous sound of gears silently shifting.

Put 2 million dachshunds behind the wheels of cars, and I bet a hundred would pass a driving test. See how this works?

(That last number would be higher, but most dachshunds screw up on parallel parking.)

Petey said...

But all that aside, the Spidey-rapist does make for a damn good story.

triticale said...

I would suspect that the rapist, from outside the neighborhood, was targetting lesbians and acting on the flawed assumption that any woman found in Boy's Town was one.