Monday, June 20, 2005

I should have bought the mochi ice cream...

Molly and I spent the evening in the Japanese corridor of the East Village, called Stuyvesant Street, which as far as I know has nothing to do with the fact that Stuyvesant High School, which is a few miles from it, is largely Asian, but it's a fun twist, just-desserts-wise, in that Peter Stuyvesant himself was something of a racist. That said, we went to Decibel, the basement sake bar where last year I'd celebrated my 21-ness, and then to a JAS mart, which is half Japanese supermarket, half convenience store for NYU kids. So the ramen acts as the only real crossover, in a place that sells everything from cheese-flavored Pringles to those tiny silver fish that act as a litmus test to highlight Western squeamishness.


Petey said...

Decibel is good, but in that exact neighborhood, Angel's Share is gooder.

And for sake, Chibi is goodest.

(What's the obsession with St. Marks-land? Are you secretly a 15 year old from Long Island?)

Anonymous said...

Petey, what are you, secretly, when you're not being "Petey"?
What do you do when you're not Peteyfying?

Petey said...

"Petey, what are you, secretly, when you're not being "Petey"?"

When I'm not busy being mild-mannered Petey, I spend my time leaping long Dean & Deluca lines in a single bound.

I devote most of my free time to trying to rid the world of reduced milkfat products because everyone knows you can consume the real stuff and still stay skinny with balanced diet and excercise.

And at night, while the city sleeps, I methodically gold-leaf the subway tunnels. Sure, no one can see it but the subway workers and the mole people. But someone's gotta watch out for their aesthetic experience too.

Anonymous said...

Stuyvesant Street is named for the one and same Peter Stuyvesant. In fact he's burried in the wall of the St. Mark's church (which is oddly not on St. Mark's). Also, if you want more crazy St. Mark's and Japanese you should check out Kenka (it's in the middle of the street between 2nd and 3rd). Not only do they have Sapporo for 1.50 a pint but they let you make your own cotton candy when you get the check.

Anonymous said...