Thursday, September 16, 2004

what would Safire do!?

I was web-surfing on the eMachines website, listening to music on iTunes (which I transfer to my beloved iPod), and looking at ads that included the following:

Windows xp
intel inside

I find this immensely trendy, if interesting linguistically.

I also find it hugely vindicating, for I've been much-derided in other places for my occasionally unconventional capitalization efforts. Clearly Apple and eMachines has a trend here...HP now advertises as "hp" and MSN has always really been "msn."

so, all you Untrendy Capitalization Fascists, stop persecuting me. my alternative capitalization choices are valid forms of expression. and cummings would be so proud....


P.S. iWill admit that even I am perplexed when faced with the necessity of starting a sentence with the word "iPod" or "iTunes." let's hope the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Ed. includes a section on this...


Aaron said...

Starting a sentence with iPod. Hmm... The only situation in which I can see this problem arising is as the plural subect of sentence, such as "IPods are great." (note, I chose to capitalize the "I", I'm not making a decisions, I'm just a capitalization fascist). Otherwise, all you'd see is "My iPod is great." Any singular usage would require an article or a possessive pronoun. Or maybe not.

Nick said...

well, the thing is, apple sort of has these interesting rules of usage. for example, they call it "iPod" like it's a virtue. "iPod is fully loaded..." they wouldn't let you say, for example, "the iPod." it would just be "iPod."

it's more of a problem with iTunes.

iTunes is not able to do X, Y, Z; iTunes comes with..., etc.

Phoebe said...

You would capitalize the "i" in "iPod" at the start of a sentence, just as I capitalized "you," a word that usually begins with a lowercase letter, at the beginning of this sentence.

Nick said...

you're so conventional...