Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wedding fashion recap

-It felt funny being at Dos Toros last night, trying not to get guacamole on the somewhat intricate (and surprisingly modern) wedding band that had been my grandmother's. Between the manicure and the shiny, my left hand is unrecognizable. As is Jo's, my goodness!

-It felt delightful waking up and realizing breakfast=cake.

-Jo's family met mine, and by all appearances everyone got along. Woohoo!

-Let's talk accessories. I wasn't up for a veil or, apparently, doing anything whatsoever with my hair beyond flat-ironing it, putting two different anti-frizz products in it, and hoping against hope that humid-and-rainy would not immediately reverse this. (Normally with such weather, I'd have not even begun such a process.) I also don't know how to much extend makeup application beyond a more careful version of my normal eyeliner-concealer-lipstick routine, other than some added blush and mascara, so there was a limit to how much primping I could fit in, to how radically different-than-usual I would look for the occasion. My mother and I did get mani-pedis on the glamorous Upper West Side, at a place I'd read online would be both sanitary and affordable, which is apparently an unusual combination, so there was some symbolic "how is this day different from all others" grooming. This was my second-ever "pedi," and it confirmed that I am in fact too ticklish for this to constitute relaxation for me. But my toes look amazing.

I at any rate had some very "Botticelli, look at you!" moments with the shoes, which were twice commented on by women after the ceremony, once on the street and once on the subway. Paris, Repetto, yes, yes, I know, I buy all my shoes like that, and if you have to ask... They were so very comfortable, but also, in that they're so very shiny and potentially scuffed, something I'll be saving for other at least moderately special occasions. The bag, meanwhile, was my "something borrowed," borrowed from my mother last-minute and a testament to her handbag expertise - it went just right with the outfit!

-The earrings were my great-grandmother's, maybe? No one's sure, but I had them cleaned for the occasion. They look very Dreyfus-era, or something. Photos, again, to follow.

-The dress was this. Remember that the model on whom the dress is shown is five feet taller than I am. This is a dress made for a short person.

-And now, back to normal life. Well, as normal as life can be when they've decided to house DSK in a building next to one of our local subway stations.


Amber said...

Lovely! Congratulations!

Britta said...

Your shoes and dress are really nice! Congrats on finding a lovely white dress that is both simple yet special enough to be a wedding dress. From experience, I know that is far harder than you would think. The dress is exactly the right length too. Also, I want to see pictures of the cake! :)

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...




Also thanks! The cake has made an appearance on Facebook, but once photos are organized, there will be some link to those here as well.

Isabel Archer said...

Congratulations! I too highly approve of the silvery shoes and am curious to see pictures of cake.

Flavia said...

Love the shoes and the handbag extravagantly. And what about the flowers? Can't tell what they are from the photo, but am attracted to the bluey-violetness of it all.

kei said...

Congratulations! Those rings are beautiful! Wow, ABD, PhD, marriage, and soon a puppy?!?! Super exciting!

Anonymous said...

The rings are beautiful, as are your hands. And looks like you and Jo enjoyed the whole process. Happy smiles and looks of love. Wonderful. -- JM