Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Deep physics"

This evening, I was out with Jo and his family, at the oddly-cheap-for-Tribeca Japanese place whose Grade is no longer Pending and now a respectable B. Yum! We'd just tucked into our meals, and amidst the Flemglish, I notice a familiar face not far from our table. Abs Millepied himself! I wasn't sure, so I (discreetly) asked Jo, who speculated that She might come in, which would, of course, confirm the first sighting. And who should then enter but a very pregnant woman-whom-all-men-who've-ever-found-me-even-OK-are-lusting-after.

In my last unmarried moments, I suppose I did risk being left for Natalie Portman, which I of course would have been kind of OK with, considering. This was all the more risky given that Jo had just gotten an especially good haircut at Astor Place, and considering an alleged shared interest in astrophysics (sustained, apparently* - I'd have been stuck talking French intermarriage with the Gallic beau). But a variety of factors - her being about to give birth, the presence not only of Abs and myself, but also the Belgians, created a buffer.

* Ha! "It would have been great if we had seen Jane fall for Thor, not because of what he looked like without his shirt on, but because behind the gruff exterior he knew more deep physics than she did."


Britta said...

Crisis averted! Unless, you could have gotten together with Millepied. Then you could have a Bridget Moynihan/Gisele Bundchen experience except with Natalie Portman.

Totally unrelatedly, I recall you talking about rainboots awhile back, and buying some that were cheap, reasonably attractive, and sturdy, and I was wondering what brand they were. I am looking for rainboots that don't cost $$$$ and won't fall apart after 2 wearings, and this is turning out to harder than I thought.

Britta said...

(p.s. my husband, who swears he is not gay, wanted me to let you (and the world) know he thinks all women should get the "flower-drenched galoshes" at Anthropologie, except IMO they are 1) extremely twee and 2) $158.)

Nick said...

Wow, that is a crazy close call.

But how int he world do you recognize these people? And see so many celebrities?

Your experience of NY is so much different than mine was...

(Mazel tov and best wishes for your trip the bureau...!)

Petey said...

Y'know, I said my goodbyes as a commenter on your blog over your (IMHO, anti-Dreyfusard) I/P politics, and I shall maintain distance that other than this lone comment.

But fergwawdsakes, we've got an everyday headline story about France, Jewishness, NYC, and gender playing out right now.

If there was ever a topic in the WWPD wheelhouse, DSK is it. I still read your blog, even if I no longer comment, and I think you might have some different perspectives on this than what everyone else is writing. I know you stayed away from l'affair Polanski, but the DSK story is far more towards your center of gravity...

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...


First, Gobineau - I'm now in the middle of refreshing my memory as well as finally reading Gobineau as opposed to about him, so I'm not of much help yet.

Rainboots, there I can be a bit more helpful. Mine are Aigle, from a Paris gardening store. I think department-store Aigle might be more expensive, and it could be that in the US there are only the kids boots... but mine might actually be kids', and I wear a women's 8 or so, so they're not tiny.


Thanks! And as for how one recognizes such individuals... in Abs's case, he's aside from being famous, kinda unusually good-looking, as celebrities often are. I suspect your head would have turned as well.


As you may have picked up on, I'm about to get married, and my fiancé's family is in town from rather far away. I'm following l'Affaire DSK of course, but will cover it late.

PG said...

Nine West's "Yogini" rain boots held up for me pretty well, and I got them off Amazon for $15 during a sale. I'm not sure that particular style is still available, but they have others at a reasonable price point.

Britta said...

Thanks for the suggestions!
Phoebe, those boots are adorable! unfortunately, the ones you can buy on American websites are $$$$. Maybe you could set up a black market boot smuggling operation from Paris gardening stores. PG, I found pictures of the Yogini boots, they look pretty cool but I think they are currently not being sold anywhere :( I decided to order red Kamik boots from Zappos, so I'll see how they go.