Thursday, May 26, 2011

They all look alike

-I know one's French and one's Texan, but same difference?

-Ombré hair, so last season, so my plan all the same, now that looming wedding photographs and a fear of DIY using unknown hair color (aka that which is sold in Frahnce) are no longer concerns. Ricky's bleach, here come the tips of my hair. From platinum tips may come temporary neon tips, either of which can be conveniently chopped off with my next haircut. Big plans.

-"Ses cheveux noirs faisaient ressortir la blancheur de sa peau." Ladies with my coloring, we would have been ever-so-hott in 1846.


PG said...

I see the crucial difference being that the Texan looks like an anime character while the Frenchwoman looks like someone you'd see on the street in Tokyo.

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

That may be a quirk of the two photos I found - I think there are some of the French one that get closer to how the American one - who until recently had blond hair, no bangs - looks in these photos. But there's definitely Japanese influence with both.

Britta said...

Apparently Red hair is in for this season. (Because, you know, we are supposed to change our hair color based on fashion trends...)

Britta said...

Also, Ombre hair looks better than I thought it would. Hearing blond tips and dark roots conjured up some bad images. I would go more Jessica Biel than Drew Barrymore though.