Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Back, forth

-A Metrocard with a photo on it is apparently enough ID to bring to serve as a witness at a City Hall wedding. A tight ship indeed.

-Tacos, iced coffee, bagels, all lovely. Even better: access to a non-communal kitchen (and bathroom!). Made poached eggs and toast this morning without locking a door or greeting any neighbors in French.

-Also novel: having options when getting dressed in the morning. I packed very light for the semester, and am really enjoying having more possibilities than the part of the suitcase space I'd allotted to clothing allowed.


PG said...

Welcome to America, even if not Real America.

I have been swithering between two different apartments to rent for a few weeks in southern Spain. On the one hand, a one bedroom that's a bit out of town and with a tiny kitchenette, but close to the language institute where I'm signing up for 8:30am classes; on the other, a centrally located studio with a fabulous kitchen (with a FREEZER! and an OVEN!) that's a 15 minute bus ride to the institute and 70 euros more expensive. I finally decided that I could use my time in Spain to get better at Spanish or I could use it to do a Best Of Smitten Kitchen, but not both.

Britta said...

I would go for the cheaper apartment closer to your language school. You'll probably end up eating out a lot with your classmates, or just making omelets every night for dinner, so the fancy kitchen might not be worth it.

Flavia said...

Wait: are you a married lady now? If so, congrats!

And if not, congrats on the expanded kitchen & wardrobe options.

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...


Licensed only, which is still plenty exciting!

Britta said...

Congratulations, halfway there :)

PG said...

Good point-- better to set myself up for socializing than for domesticity.