Sunday, November 09, 2008

Weekend, reviewed

-Al di la: Sorry, 'al di là,' the 'perpetually packed,' lower-case and accent-shortcut-requiring 'local gem,' did once have a pretty amazing steak for $15.50, but when we passed by hoping to track down said steak Friday night, we learned that prices had all gone sky high, with the same steak dish an impressive $20. Boo. Pasta at home it was.

-Tanoreen: perfection. Really! Not cheap as alleged, unless $16 main courses strike you as such, but very much worth it. I ate my own weight in babaganoush before my lamb kebabs arrived, which I don't recommend doing, but which means I get to lave lamb again tonight! Sorry, little sheep! So is Tanoreen the best Palestinian restaurant in NYC? Having never been to another explicitly Palestinian restaurant, I couldn't say, but if I were picking sides in the Middle East conflict based entirely on cuisine (as represented in New York), Israel would not stand a chance.

-Fort Greene Flea Market: This being my second trip, proof that I never learn. Way too expensive for anything purporting to have fleas, and kind of a far walk from Park Slope just for a waffle (the best deal by far) that could have been purchased in Park Slope the day before.

-Target: Although they make me look like the sorority girl I never was, I may never take these off.


Jeff said...

I ate at Rectangles a couple times and the food struck me as a bit bland and lifeless. I never bothered to research if it was simply the nature of Israeli food, or the Yemenite influence was a negative, or maybe that the clientele there was so geriatric that it dulled my sense.

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

Rectangles is a bit eh--my theory is that it takes effort/costs a lot for a restaurant to be kosher, and that's time and money that would have otherwise gone to food.

alex said...

A bit off-topic, but Coetzee's recent article on Irene Nemirovsky and assimilation of french jews seems right up your alley.