Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh baby

You know that amazing Monty Python sketch, where Terry Jones plays John Cleese's mother, and the mom and her friend talk to the son in baby talk, even though he's like 6'5" and 35? "Oooh, can he talk, can he talk"? --"Of course I can talk, I'm the Minister for Overseas Development." Well, apparently this actually happens.


Anonymous said...

"Wittle Durl" writes:

"I've tried to gently correct them when they do this, but they don't hear me. I don't want to be irritable every time I'm around them"

Irritable? Sounds like someone needs a nap!

Anonymous said...

We seem to read the same blogs. I wonder if that letter to Prudie was a fake. Sounds a bit too bizarre to be true. -- JM

PG said...

It seems unbelievable that someone would go through her adolescence tolerating this from her parents. I find it believable that a parent (especially a mother, frankly) would want to do this; I just can't believe that there wasn't some prior point at which one screams "FUCK YOU, STOP THIS NOW!" Possibly if the father-of-the-bride speech at her wedding was in baby talk.