Wednesday, November 05, 2008

That One Won!

The WWPD response, incoherent as always:

1) What kind of puppy will the Obama girls get? You know my vote.

2) Please, please, idiot racists, do not assassinate Barack now that he's been elected. Thinking back on other cases of a member of a country's most-discriminated-against minority group getting to be head of state, the first one I thought of was Leon Blum. Clearly a Jew becoming prime minister of France signaled an end to that country's anti-Semitism. So, here's hoping things work out better this time around.

3) OMG I forgot to go to Starbucks. Or Ben and Jerry's. Oh well. Obama won! I wish I could say I saw it coming, but it's safe to say I absolutely did not.


Anonymous said...


Obama is in no greater danger of assassination than is the present president.

There will always be kooks who want to kill the president. I don't think race will really change anything.

It's not like the Secret Service doesn't, probably, get death threats every day for Bush.

And it's not like whites are immune from assassination attempts: Reagan, Ford, JFK and non-presidents like RFK and the Pope.

So, don't worry about any greater death threats.

Obama and his family will be fine, as they should be.

I'd be worrying more about Starbucks and Ben & Jerry's raising the price on their products if/when the corporate tax rates go up.

Ah, the unintended consequences of latte inflation....

Anonymous said...

On another note--and not to rain on your parade--I wonder what you might think of the Russians saying, the day after the election, that they will station missiles on Poland's border.

This is no coincidence, just as the invasion of Georgia when the Olympics began was no coincidence. The Russians follow a timetable.

Obama (and consequently, the USA) is already being tested, I think.

I pray Obama will gain some toughness and stand his ground supporting Poland--and not just with words.

But, this is just bad news.

kei said...

I've read that they're interested in getting a "goldendoodle." Apparently, one of his daughters is allergic to dog allergens, so I guess the poodle in the goldendoodle would be good for this issue. PETA is writing to Obama about getting a mutt, which they say will represent the melting pot image of America. But yes, I couldn't stop thinking of this either and kept trying to picture various breeds in the White House!

Anonymous said...

What about the poodle! He can't replace Biden with one at this point, but he can at least bring one in to keep an eye on things.

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

A golden-doodle or a poodle would, of course, be fabulous. And I suppose a long-haired dachshund would shed.