Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Recent enjoyment

-Seeing a celebrity famous for playing a man who sidles up to glamorous women in his chauffeured car on the subway. Looking very 'one of us.' Aside from some dreadlocked Scandinavian tourists, no one else seemed that interested.

-Finally moving a paper from five different 'section' docs into one. I can now call it a 'rough draft.'

-Getting fancy high-maintenance hair conditioner at Ricky's for 20% off. Say what? It's pointless now, since cold weather is natural Japanese hair-straightening for my extremely season-sensitive hair, but a sale's a sale. Speaking of which, be sure to check out Rita & co.'s series of posts on cheapness.


Anonymous said...

Funny. Cold weather in the winter is usually damp weather--which makes my hair curl unmanageably.

Anonymous said...

Today in Only In New York, it apparently is juror appreciation week, so I just got sent to 60 centre street to hear a concert led by wynton Marsalis accompanied by a dozen celebrities ranging from katie couric to molly ringwald.