Monday, April 03, 2006

What am I reading?

The new New York Times website sure looks familiar. And with articles about yoga-as-synagogue-perk and Long Island girls dieting pre-Cancun, oh, and the blonde women of the Upper East Side, the Times starts to look an awful lot like New York Magazine content-wise as well. Which means that I'm having a lot of trouble telling which site I'm reading at any given time.

It's a hard life. I'm also concerned with dyeing my hair back to its natural color, now that it's approaching the dreaded halfway mark (half-roots, half-reddish). Or more accurately, getting it dyed back to something approaching dark brown, since I trust Duane Reade for most things, but not this. I'm bracing myself for spending something between $50 and $80 on this corrective procedure--it apparently costs $500 a month to remain blonde, so I suppose being a former-and-soon-to-be-once-more brunette is, alas, discount.

Despite its unforgivable New York Magazine-esque vibe, I really like this, from the NYT piece on UES blondes:

She may have made a career simply out of shopping, getting oxygen facials and taking classes in screenwriting. Without question, however, she has a weakness for cushion-cut diamonds and espresso macchiato at Sant Ambroeus on upper Madison Avenue.

I suppose "made a career out of" is an indirect way of saying, "found a man to pay for." With the part-red, part-brown thing I currently have going on, I'm thinking I'll have to stick with making a career out of espresso macchiato and not having any idea what "cushion-cut diamonds" is referring to.

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