Sunday, April 23, 2006

Superior suburban feta

Will Baude and I should have some kind of cheese-off, to see who can post the most about cheese in a 24-hour period. Of course, he also blogs about law, which might make it an easy win for me, as I've been known to think only about cheese for significant chunks (pun intended) of time. Will and a friend of his blog ("Friend of Crescat") discovered "Teleme," a cheese that sometimes is and sometimes isn't like feta. Well, yesterday, I first tasted this amazing feta that I was worried only exists in the cheese section of this one supermarket in Westchester, but at the advice of a "Friend of WWPD" I checked the package, and it's apparently made in Israel but distributed by a company in Woodside, NY, which I'm thinking is in Queens. Which suggests that this cheese may in fact be everywhere, like God and Yura muffins.

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