Tuesday, April 04, 2006

"All this great music"

Gawker has a "looking at the Look Book" feature on Tuesdays, but I'm looking at the Look Book right now, so I'll give it a go first. This week, New York Magazine (or is it the NYT?) features "Molly Carroll, singer/artist/writer," and here is the final question-and-answer:

Is there anything in New York you’re dying to see?

Isn’t there a Jewish part with lots of old jazz? Jewish New Yorkers make all this great music, I’ve heard.

Yeah we do!

But more importantly, which neighborhood could this artistic Londoner possibly mean? Jews... this could be Borough Park, Midwood, or the Upper West Side, but it's NYC, so really, where aren't there Jews? "Jazz"--is this a euphemism for "African-Americans"? Yeah, why not. Blacks can also be found all over the city, but are apparently harder to come by these days. So we've got her Jews and her blacks--jazz, along with blacks and Jews, makes me think she should try Chicago, but never mind. The only things I could suggest for her are Crown Heights (simultaneously black and Jewish, if not on the same streets) or Woody Allen at the Carlyle.


Anonymous said...

Stop writing. Just stop writing this god awful blog.

Phoebe Maltz Bovy said...

For you, anonymous, anything.