Saturday, April 29, 2006

10 ways I do and do not feel American

1) Diet Coke
2) Muffins
3) Lifetime, Television for Women
4) Iced coffee with skim milk
5) American English

Do not:
1) Driving
2) Christianity
3) The DaVinci Code
4) Professional sports
5) Partisan politics


Jeff said...

I think characterizing "partisan politics" as American is a slightly... naive/ignorant comment. American politics are, if anything, LESS partisan than elsewhere -- INCLUDING, ironically, Israel & France.

If much of growing up is accomodoating the imperfections of reality... then the "pox on both their houses" school of political nihilism that is so ubiquitous in America is a form of immaturity.

Rachel said...

Yeah, I have to say, the diversity of professional sports in America makes it a lot more liveable (and less violent) than say certain European cities where "football" violence is more common.
Nothing makes me feel more unAmerican than snack foods. Twinkies turn my stomach. I don't understand how people can consistently eat those things when there is plenty of fresh swiss chard available.