Monday, January 26, 2015

Ranch to mouth

Apologies in advance, East Coast, for what I'm about to say:

I just ate a citrus fruit directly from the tree. I say "a citrus fruit" because I don't know what kind, only that I had permission to take one. It felt very biblical; upon eating it, I came to the sudden realization that I was wearing leggings as pants.


Miss Self-Important said...

It'll all get old soon, I guarantee it. You will realize that the wardrobe you could construct entirely out of yoga clothes will never look as good as the one with skirts and sweaters. Then you'll realize that having a lemon tree in your yard isn't really worth it, b/c it produces way too many lemons for you to use in one season anyway.

Lindsay Lennox said...

One time I stayed on campus (SoCal) during summer break, eating citrus fruits from trees and lounging beside fountains (plus almost no students or faculty or staff around). I learned the word 'prelapsarian' just specifically to describe this summer.

Phoebe said...


I could imagine it would get old eventually, but I'm just here for a month. (Plus, the other wardrobe is more corduroys and fleece than skirts and sweaters.) The adrenaline of figuring out how to get around by car (I've had some luck with non-parallel free street parking, but what if there isn't any???) means it'll be a good long while until I find the town center to be dull. Plus, every single list I'm on is sending me emails and text messages to watch out for a snowstorm, which reminds me, if nothing else, that this was good timing.

Lindsay Lennox,

Yes, that does sound right.